Dublin B

Age:  1 year
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Lab Mix
Size:  44 lbs
Dog Friendly:  Yes
Cat Friendly:  Unknown
Kid Friendly:  Unknown


We don't know Dublins backstory but we do know that thus far life has taught him that the world is a very scary place. Dublin arrived terrified and shut down but with zero aggression. He looked like a dog who had already decided to just give up in his young life.

Dublin moved into a foster home and bit by bit we worked to rebuild him. Dublin is learning that his foster mom isnt quite so scary and that pets and ear scratches are in fact pretty great. He enjoys walks and being in the back yard. We see spurts of energy and playfulness in him peaking out. The first day we saw a tail wag was indeed a wonderful day! We think he would do best with another confident and playful dog to help show him the ropes. We have seen him run around the yard and playbow and even chase toys from time to time outside so we know there is a playful pup that is hiding in there and we see a little more of it every day.

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