Milky Way - Adopted on 11/7/2022

Age:  About 1 year
Gender:  Female
Breed:  DLH


Milky Way lost her home after her people had to move. She was placed with friends, but weeks turned into months, and she and Tinker Bell were not in the most ideal situation, so Hart stepped in to help.

Milky way is the sweetest kitty. She is very playful, but very gentle. She makes the cutest chirping sound when she plays. She likes to chase string-type toys, and likes fuzzy mice, too. Milky way has the most beautiful coat, and she loves for you to pet her.

Milky would do great in a home with a family or a single person. She is very calm and laid back. She loves a tall cat tree so she can watch the world from high above. Milky loves to lay in the window, too, and watch the birds and squirrels.