Butch - Adopted on 10/5/2023

Age:  About 3 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Pitbull


Does having one eye slow me down? Heck no! To the contrary, I am always ready for a great adventure. To date, my adventures include hopping through a creek, conquering a hill, and heading to the local home improvement store. Even the smallest excursion is so exciting to me. Simply open the car door and I will jump right in - vroom, vroom! When not exploring new places, I love to play an enthusiast game of fetch - just make sure you have two balls because making trades is half the fun! And after one of my journeys or chasing the ball, I love nothing more than snuggling on the couch and requesting a belly rub. At the risk of bragging, I am very affectionate and love to lean into you.

Butch got off to a rough start having come to HART from a rural community in Southwestern VA. He was hit by a car and, as a result, had broken ribs and a badly injured eye. The animal control officer who picked him up instinctively knew Butch was a nice dog and wanted to save him so he took him to the vet for surgery. Normally, this is not an option, given the expense of surgery and lack of resources in rural areas, but the officer fought to make sure Butch got the medical help he needed. Thankfully, Butch is now thriving and is waiting for his forever home where he can serve as your copilot on life's great adventures!