Age:  13 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Pitbull
Size:  Medium
Dog Friendly:  Yes
Cat Friendly:  Unknown
Kid Friendly:  Unknown


A few months ago our dad, who raised us since we were puppies, died. He loved us so much. Our younger years were filled with so many good memories and so much love. In the last few yearsm dad struggled. We did what all dogs do and we loved unconditionally. Our dad was always our hero and we never judged the way the world beat him down. He loved us and we loved him so nothing else mattered. Some nice folks from the city came by and would help dad out from time to time, take us to the dogtor, and bring us food. They promised dad that if anything ever happened to him, they would take care of us. That seemed kind of silly to us because we knew dad was going to live forever!

One day our world came crashing down when dad didn't wake up. We didn't know what happened or what to do. The nice lady that would visit us came by but this time she had sad eyes, but she gave us pets, kisses and cookies! We were confused and lonely, but she said everything was going to be ok.

While waiting to find a new home we met new doggy friends and even met a cat! We looove soft blankets, rolling around in the grass, short walks and cuddles. Our foster mom says we are the sweetest couch potatoes you will ever meet! Harley is 48 pounds but could gain a little. I'm Roxie and I'm what they call a thick girl at 92 pounds but I think I hide it well and foster mom says I'm perfect just the way I am! If you have a warm bed we promise to behave and not get in the way.

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