Kit Kat

Kat (Adopted on 11/2/2022)


Age:  About 1 year
Gender:  1 female
Breed:  Pitbull/Chihuahua Mix


Kat is such a fun loving dog. Her foster mom tells us that she is so much fun and always happy.

She can entertain her self with toys (so much fun to watch her!) She is very athletic and likely once she gets bigger she will be a wonderful walking or hiking companion.

Kit is a wonderful puppy. She loves people and loves to cuddle. She will sit and watch and observe she is a very curious and smart little pup.

Kit and Kat's mom was a chihuahua and the dad was at pit or pit mix (imagine that!!). They are still very small and we don't know their size when full grown but expect them to be on the small to medium size given their size now. If you are interested in either of these wonderful puppies, please let us know and submit an on line application. Kit and Kat would love to meet you!