Fallon's Family

Penny F (Adopted on 11/14/2022), Petey F (Adopted on 11/2/2022), Polly F (Adopted on 11/16/2022), Phoebe F (Adopted on 11/14/2022)

Penny F

Petey F

Polly F

Phoebe F

Age:  About 1 year
Gender:  3 females and 1 male
Breed:  DSH


Penny is a sweet little girl that is on the shy side. When she isn't wrestling with her siblings she likes to climb all over her person for a well deserved nap in her person's lap!

Petey is the first to wake up and is always ready to wrestle! He wants to know everything and everyone in his space so he can better play with all the things. After all that hard playing he likes to wind down with his siblings for group snuggles.

Polly enjoys exploring and thinking through obstacles in order to explore everything that she can! Once she's explored, she likes to tussle with her siblings and nap with her person.

Phoebe is Petey's go to wrestling partner. When they aren't playing together she's hanging with her other siblings to share in play time, new toys, and group cuddles