Tiara - Adopted on 2/28/2023

Age:  2 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Pitbull Mix


Just look at this face! Dazzling eyes like the jewels adorning a tiara, a soft pink nose, and the most adorable ears ever. Prior to coming to HART, I lived in a crowded, rural shelter and was quite sad. Since coming to HART, I am now in a wonderful foster home and am no longer sad. To the contrary, like a tiara, I sparkle and shine. I have a delightful, exuberant personality and wriggle with delight when I meet people. I am extremely affectionate and will lean into you as you shower with me with attention - just my way of saying "please don't stop petting me". I am energetic and can be strong on the leash but I am willing to learn and eager to please. While I am, indeed a precious jewel, I don't need a tiara and the riches of royalty. Instead my needs are far more simple a loving family, exercise, and the comforts of home.