Kit Harrington - Adopted on 1/2/2023

Age:  6 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Maine Coon Mix


This strikingly handsome and incredibly sweet fellow is asking for a new home. Please read the following message from his current family, and consider adopting him if you think you may be a match:

Dear Kitty Lover,

This is a note for you about a very special cat, one that will always hold a place in our hearts, Harry.

Harry (affectionately, but officially Kit Harington) is a Maine Coon mix and he has been a much-loved fluffy friend and family member. It is heartbreaking that we must let him go. It has become clear that Harry would be happier in a single cat household.

He is extremely sweet and affectionate to people and is the best lap cat anyone could ask for. If you need a movie marathon buddy or just someone to enjoy a rainy day with, Harry is your guy. He's happy sitting with you or following you around to do your regular household chores. He's a chronic purrer, "I love you" blinker, and will melt the heart of any so-called "dog person". If you're looking for a new member of your family, please consider Harry. He's got so much love to give and deserves a loving family.