Lottie - Adopted on 3/9/2023

Age:  3 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Beagle Mix


Lottie is a little angel beagle. She is calm and gentle and just a very loving dog but she loves to run around a fenced yard (she is super fast) and she is wonderful with other dogs. We are looking for a home for her with a nice sized and securely fenced in yard so she can run and play and ideally a home with another playful dog. Here is what her foster mom says of Lottie and her foster mom has fostered many dogs and many beagles: Lottie is super sweet. It took her less than a day to feel at home. I picked her up on a Wednesday night and by Thursday she had settled in.

She is house trained.. She does not sleep in a crate because my bedroom is too small and she didn't like being alone in the living room. Instead, she sleeps on a dog bed by my side of the bed. She stays in her bed all night long. I also have a baby gate on the door so if she were to wander she wouldn't get out of the room. I do crate her if we go out. She gets a Kong with frozen goodies inside that keeps her quite happy in the crate. She gets along just fine with my 4 dogs. She is 2 and still likes to chew so she needs supervision but she has not chewed on anything that was not a dog toy or bone! She eats her food and is not picky. I keep her on a leash in my fenced yard but she has graduated to dragging a training leash. She likes to explore so I keep a watch on her that she doesn't get tangled up!" If you are interested in Lottie please let us know.