Athena - Adopted on 3/10/2023

Age:  About 10 months
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Pointer Mix


These puppies do well on leashes, know their names, and are almost completely housebroken. They understand how to use puppy pads in between, sleep the whole night in their crate they are sharing a large crate with a dog bed and do perfectly fine with and without each other. They LOVE kids and to be played with but are also great with other dogs including big ones! They've also met a cat a few times and didn't have any reaction other than "oh what is that" and then wandered off. They're not food aggressive or leash reactive to each other or with the foster parent's dog. Here is what the foster mom said about these puppies:

Apollo is definitely high energy and fun! He is extremely playful but has a really sweet nature. He's lively with his siblings and spirited and is a total cuddle bug as soon as you pick him up. He's super smart like his mom too - he knows his name, walks well on a leash in the yard, and likes to have a lot of engagement mentally.

Athena is a pocket puppy. She follows me around everywhere and LOVES to be held. She is super sweet and is low/medium energy. She's definitely playful but she's most content sunbathing and being snuggled. She has the calmest disposition, and nothing bothers her at all. She's the smallest.