Nod - Adopted on 3/2/2023

Age:  About 15 weeks
Gender:  Male
Breed:  DSH


Please review HART's kitten adoption policy

***We are no longer accepting new applications for this kitten*** Nod was born at the shelter and his momma decided she did not know how to care for her kittens. He was rescued by a wonderful HART volunteer as a 4 day old baby, who bottle fed him until he could eat solid food. As a result he is a huge fan of everybody, including the dog and all the other cats in the house.

Nod has unique spots on his handsome black and tan fur, like circles surrounded by stripes. He is so beautiful when he plays with his toys, climbs on the dog, or gives kitten kisses. Nod is extremely playful and hopes for a playmate to keep him active and happy in his forever home. He loves to play with spinning toys, play mice, balls that jingle and even dust motes that float by his face. He is full of happiness and energy and is completely spoiled. Please come meet Nod - you will fall in love!