Basil - Adopted on 4/19/2024

Age:  About 5 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Heeler Mix


Here are some pawsitive things to know about him:
Dog-Friendly: Basil loves to meet new friends! He enjoys canine company, but appreciates proper introductions to make new friends.
Loyal: Basil thrives when he makes a connection with his humans. He's the perfect snuggle buddy after a long day.
Outdoor Enthusiast: If you enjoy the great outdoors, Basil is your ideal partner. He likes car rides and is good on the leash, making him a lovely walking or hiking companion. He has Heeler energy, so would be a great jogging buddy too!
Smart & Food Motivated: Basil is not only a quick learner, but also a foodie at heart. He'd excel in obedience classes or any activity that stimulates his clever mind.
Just the Right Size: Basil is a manageable 45-50 lbs (medium sized), making him a perfect fit for many households.
Well-Trained: He's crate and potty trained, so you won't have to worry about those early puppy days. He also knows sit, lay, stay, and hover.
Good with Older Kids: While he's good with kids, his boundless energy can lead to occasional jumping. Supervision and playtime management can easily address this.
Second Dog Dream: If you already have a pup at home, Basil could be the perfect playmate. His foster sister and him love to do backyard zoomies together.
🐱,, Cat sibling: If you have a cat, he does well with cats and currently has a kitten foster sister.
Quiet Canine: He doesn't bark much!