Lenny - Adopted on 5/11/2023

Age:  About 8 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Lab/Hound Mix


Hi friends, my name is Lenny and I want to tell you about myself. The nice people at HART heard about me because the animal control officer at the shelter told them that I was his favorite because I was such a friendly dog. I was in a shelter with many dozens of dogs, but I was so happy that I was his favorite. He is a nice man too and I liked to be petted by him a lot. When I got to HART, the lovely lady who runs the kennel said the same thing: "Lenny is my favorite!" How amazing it that that two different people said I was their favorite among so many dogs. The lady at the kennel is great and she feeds me twice a day and gives me treats! What a wonderful place this is!! You see I did not get regular meals before because the people who had me could not afford much food for me. I feel so lucky now to have been saved. I have a warm place to rest, and I get all the food I need. I am also lucky to be here because you see that I am middle age, (maybe you are too?), but HART does not discriminate. They take everyone from puppies to the very senior dogs! Yeah HART!! They tell me that I am gentle and sweet and have the kindest disposition. I would love to meet you and be your friend. I am a very loving and loyal companion and would love to accompany you on walks or hikes or just be by your side when you are reading or watching TV. Again, just so you will not forget me, my name is Lenny and I am very grateful for being here!