Pep Squad

Polly (Adopted on 5/6/2023), Peggy (Adopted on 5/6/2023), Pip-adopted 2 023 (Adopted on 5/6/2023)



Pip-adopted 2 023

Age:  1 year
Gender:  3 females
Breed:  DSH


Hip Hip Hooray for the Pep Squad! These sweet diluted calico sisters all share soft white fur from their noses to their neck and down their bellies to all four paws. Their beautiful calico markings on their backs and faces very.

Peggy is the groomer! Observant and inquisitive, she enjoys a good sunny spot and looking out the window from her cat tree. She loves to climb and play. She is very calm and chill. Her favorite thing is cuddling with her sisters and grooming them. She has cute strips mixed in with calico coat.

Polly is the ring leader! She has an adorable soft calico coat and rounder eyes than her sisters. She is the most talkative and has the cutest chirp! Friendly and playful, she will lay so still in her foster's lap for cheek and neck scratches until it's time to chase a ball or wrestle her sisters!

Pip is the greeter! She runs to greet her fosters with Polly and Peggy close behind when we come in their room. She has a small gray dot on her forehead and a buff circle on an ear. A lap kitty, she wants all the pets and attention from her fosters. She also loves to play and climb!

Adopt the Pep Squad! They will give you something to cheer about!