Dixie A - Adopted on 8/7/2023

Age:  About 2 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Australian Shepherd Mix


"Dixie is a sweet, well-trained, snuggle bug! Has great recall - listens well and is super responsive to praise. Builds trust quickly, will melt into you and ask for tummy rubs in 0.2 seconds. Easily takes to new people when introduced in a calm environment. Is unbothered by thunderstorms. Does really well in the car. Walks well on a leash, is unbothered by other dogs or people walking by. Her and our dog (also an Aussie mix) hang out around the house together, she would do well with another dog or by herself. Likes her crate, will often rest in there on her own regard. 100% house trained and sleeps through the night. Has not chewed any of our belongings. Is not vocal except when playing or when someone knocks on the door, but then easily calms down when prompted. Is all around a great dog and would appreciate a relatively calm household. We feel like we hit the puppy lottery and would honestly keep her but this is our first foster pup and we would like to keep helping out."