Dennis - Adopted on 7/16/2023

Age:  About 2 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Beagle/Foxhound Mix


Look at this happy face! Wouldn't you want to wake up to this every day? Dennis's foster parents tell us he is a wonderful dog and all around pretty darn perfect! He is housebroken, sleeps quietly through the night and gets along great with the cat in the home and respects the senior dog in the home (meaning he listens to her when she does not want to play anymore). Everyone Denise meets is his friend. He also LOVES walks and being outside, and really loves dog toys. He would love to have a dog to play with. And a fenced yard to run and play. Dennis is such a happy and fun-loving dog! Every day is a great day for him. It would be hard to have a bad day with Dennis in your life. Please let us know if you are interested in meeting this sweet dog.