Smooch and Wiggles

Smooch-adopted 2 023 (Adopted on 8/29/2023), Wiggles M (Adopted on 8/29/2023)

Smooch-adopted 2 023

Wiggles M

Age:  8 years, 9 years
Gender:  1 female and 1 male
Breed:  American Staffordshire Terrier


In 2017 we rescued these beauties from a high kill shelter. Within hours of meeting each other at HART, they became forever bonded. Fostered very quickly, Karen took them in and fell in love with their crazy but heartwarming ways and decided to adopt them immediately. They have lived a wonderfully charmed life. They had a big yard to run in, several cat siblings and a lovingly devoted mom with Karen.

Smooch is a big, gentle, easy-going and shy teddy bear who loves to lay around and be loved. Wiggles thinks he is her personal dog-bed! Wiggles is a bit on the energetic side. Karen tragically passed away recently from brain cancer and as we promised her, we are looking for a new home for them. Because of their extraordinary bond they will only be adopted together. Special provisions have been made for their lifetime veterinary care. Serious adopters will be given the details post-screening.