Boxer Boys

Teddy-adopted Boxer Boys (Adopted on 5/3/2023), Andy (Adopted on 5/11/2023)

Teddy-adopted Boxer Boys


Age:  About 1 year
Gender:  2 males
Breed:  Boxer Mix


Teddy and Andy are such cute and loving puppies. Here is what their foster mom tells us about them: "Teddy is very affectionate and playful. He barks sometimes at my old small dogs because he wants to play with them. Andy is the leader of the two puppies Andy always comes to me when I call him, followed by Teddy, with his tail wagging and a toy in his mouth. Andy walks pretty well on a leash, but both pups obey simple commands like "down" and "no". They love to play hard with one another and sleep for a few hours afterwards. They are both soft, cuddly and affectionate - overall just terrific puppies!! They do not mind taking baths and they enjoy going outside for some leash training. Both pups rarely bark, and for their age, they are well behaved. Housetraining is in progress. (Note: I have had several litters and individual puppies and these two are right up there as far as being my favorites!)" If you are interested in Teddy or Andy please let us know.