Carl - Adopted on 10/26/2023

Age:  About 1 year
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Shih Tzu Mix


Carl is very smart and so much fun! He also has a lot of energy, and we are looking for a home for him where his person will work with him to see his full potential. Maybe that is doing agility with him to see if he likes it or just going for long walks and playing games with him. His best friend is Sonya ( see: ) They love playing together and would be a perfect match if you are thinking of 2 dogs. We would love a secure fenced yard for him to play in because he loves to run around and play outside. Here is what Carl has to say about himself:

I'm also known as Carlos as I wanted a name to match my big size! In the morning, I run around to sniff and to make sure everything is the way I left it the night before. Sometimes I run very fast, hit the ground and freeze so my mom can't see me. I know she'll come looking for me. When she gets close to me, I jump up on her and say "Boo". I always scare my mom!

Sometimes my mom leaves my leash on while I'm exploring. It's fun because I'll put the leash in my mouth & race around. I enjoy running fast & then jumping up in the air. You will be impressed at how high I can jump! Once I'm satisfied that all is well, I return to my run & eat breakfast. I'm not a big eater so sometimes my mom plays with me till I start eating. I take my treats nicely thank you:) I'd prefer a slow introduction to other dogs because I'm so small but I have many doggy friends and would love another dog to play with.