Age:  About 1 year
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Australian Cattle Dog/Chihuahua Mix
Size:  Small
Dog Friendly:  Yes
Cat Friendly:  Probably!
Kid Friendly:  Yes


Meet Cookie!! This cute as a button little potato is likely a result of irresponsible breeders trying to create a mini cattle dog. He looks like he is a Chi/ cattle dog mix. He came to HART extremely timid and with a few fear based issues and lack of any doggie social skills. He has now spent a couple of weeks with our wonderful trainer and this little guy has made so much progress. Here is what our trainer told us about Cookie: "He is still a bit shy when he first meets you, but a cuter little man with so much personality it would be hard to find. This is NOT a super athletic, needs a ton of exercise little dog. This is going to be a little dog with a huge personality, but athletically limited, snuggly little potato who would love another confident dog in the home for company and to cuddle with. He's a puppy, so he can be mouthy and pushy with dogs so a dog who will keep him in line and show him that scary things in his new environment are just fine would be ideal. He does not need a super playful rough and tumble companion as at this point his little body likely won't tolerate real rough and tumble play unless it was with another small dog. What he really needs is a role model more than a playmate 😁,,, He is house trained, crate trained, walks ok on a leash (but really isn't into long walks at this point) a small yard would be ample. He is truly a little dog who would do great in a town house or even apartment. If interested in Cookie, please let us know.

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