Bear - Adopted on 5/31/2024

Age:  2 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Lab Mix


Just look at that face and that little nub tail! Bear is the sweetest boy that loves his people once he gets to know you. He is timid when meeting people for the first time but quickly warms up after some quality time together. Bear loves other dogs and is super playful. He'd love a friend to run around with. When not playing in the yard, he is busy following his people around the house. He sometimes pulls a little on leash but a quick tug of the leash and he'll slow down for you. He is house trained and sleeps all night in his crate. When the people settle in one spot, he may pace a little but then he'll lay down near your feet or play with some toys. Bear was curious about the cat he met but not overly excited. They sniffed each other and parted ways. If you are willing to give this sweet guy time to get to know you, please come meet him. You won't be disappointed!