Destination Litter

Vienna (Adopted on 8/16/2023), Berlin (Adopted on 8/16/2023), Fiji (Adopted on 8/26/2023), London (Adopted on 7/5/2023), Milan (Adopted on 7/5/2023)




Age:  1 year
Gender:  3 females and 2 males
Breed:  DMH


All three are feisty and full of curiosity. The rattle ball is king 🤴,,,,. Cuddles are plentiful as nap time still happens at the drop of a hat. We loooove climbing, jumping & doing Halloween kitty poses on each other. We're still mastering our potty skills... but every day is a learning & growing experience. And who knew a cardboard box could provide hours of exploration & fun!! (These three love the box maze!) And swimming fish on an iPad screen is just mesmerizing fun for all... but they think the screen needs to be bigger. 😹,,,,😹,,,,😹,,,,