Age:  About 8 months
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Carolina Dog/Shepherd Mix
Size:  45 lbs
Dog Friendly:  Yes
Cat Friendly:  Unknown
Kid Friendly:  Yes


Frasier's foster parents have glowing things to say about Frasier: "He is a really good, happy dog who is very intelligent and eager to please. He loves children and would do great in a home with kids. In only a few short weeks, he has learned lots of house manners including sit, stay, wait, and leave it. He tends to be very gentle taking treats and does not jump on anyone. He's had several formal obedience classes and he now waits for his food and for the door until he gets the "ok" signal. He's pretty much fully housebroken (has not had any accidents in a long time), and if you ask him if he needs to "potty" and he does, he will go to the door. He only pulls when there is something super interesting to smell. He has never counter surfed or jumped on the furniture. He loves to curl up against you to get affection and gives little sweet doggy kisses. He loves being with his person or family. He only really barks when he thinks something could be threatening the house. He loves, loves, loves to run zoomies in the back yard and chase a ball and frisbee around. He has a bin of his toys that he will go to and pick one out to play with to occupy himself. If you are working at a desk, he will definitely want to come curl up under it. He is a truly wonderful dog!" Pleases let us know if you would like to meet Frasier - he is a fantastic pup!

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