Patriotic Pups

Carolina PP (Adopted on 8/2/2023), Jersey PP (Adopted on 8/2/2023), Virginia PP (Adopted on 8/7/2023), Georgia PP (Adopted on 7/25/2023), Bama PP (Adopted on 7/29/2023), Arizona PP (Adopted on 7/31/2023), Indy PP, Tex PP (Adopted on 7/28/2023), Tennessee PP (Adopted on 8/27/2023)

Carolina PP

Jersey PP

Virginia PP

Georgia PP

Bama PP

Arizona PP

Indy PP

Tex PP

Tennessee PP

Age:  5 months
Gender:  6 females and 3 males
Breed:  Spaniel/Lab Mix
Size:  Large when grown
Dog Friendly:  Yes
Cat Friendly:  Likely due to age
Kid Friendly:  Yes


The Patriot Pups are excellent and fun-loving puppies. From the littlest one to the largest pup, we love all of these puppies. They love to play and are particularly fond of squeaky toys. If you are interested in one of these puppies please let us know.

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