Devers and Madds

Madds (Adopted on 8/15/2023), Devers (Adopted on 8/15/2023)



Age:  About 1 year
Gender:  2 males
Breed:  DSH


Madds and Devers are the best of both kitten worlds. They are very playful, but also very sweet and affectionate. Their foster mom says about them: "As new fosters they were a bit wary of me for the first day or two, but quickly became comfortable and now will snuggle onto my lap for pets and chin scratches. They also love to bat little toy mice around the floor or chase after them when they are thrown. They tussle together then race through my cat-sized tunnel. They were even good with my young grandchildren, who approaching slowly and quietly were able to pet them."

Madds is a beautiful buff - like a peach and vanilla twist ice cream. His eyes have a unique yellow color and, he loves to have his chest rubbed. He runs to us at the door when we have been away for a bit.

Devers is a tuxedo with a black and gray strip down his belly. His fur is soft and silky! Devers is the alpha of the pair and Madds finds comfort in his buddy's confidence. Both these boys like to be held and enjoy laying in laps.