Bestie - Adopted on 9/23/2023

Age:  About 1 year
Gender:  Female
Breed:  DSH


Bestie came from a rural shelter with low adoption rates, as an expectant mother. She enjoyed the safety and comfort of a foster home to deliver and raise her kittens. Now the kittens are ready for adoption and Bestie is so ready to find her forever home.

She is a very petite little girl, and has a bit of an exotic look about her, with her long legs and her extra large ears. Bestie is still young enough to have some kitten energy. She loves to play, chase toys, and run around. She also loves to look at out of the windows and watch the birds and squirrels, all the while making cute chirping noises.

Bestie likes to be picked up and held, and petted, and is quite the purr machine, too. She is a very easy keeper, not picky about food, and uses the litter box. Bestie loves treats, and will come running for them, like she's in a commercial!

Please come meet her, if you would like a petite little kitty. She is finished raising her babies and it time for her to have a great loving home.