Mickey - Adopted on 8/29/2023

Age:  About 1 year
Gender:  Male
Breed:  DSH


Well what can we say-Boys will be Boys! These guys are one playful bunch who love to run and wrestle just like little boys do. Bestie's Beauties are ready for a home of their own where they can run and play. All of them are out going and ready to explore new things. They always have to be involved, no matter their foster mom is doing, whether it's cleaning the litter boxes, or just sweeping or trying to tidy up, they all have to be in on the action.

Mickey is the most outgoing. He is always right in the middle of things, and this brother Mikey is right behind him. Markey and Milo always have to follow their brothers and get in the action too. They are not shy and would fit into most homes. They are playful and would enjoy someone who would take time to play. They love the laser pointer light, feather toys and crinkle balls. They all love the cat tree and pile up together on the very top.

These boys are very easy keepers, not picky, and are litter box trained. Please come meet these boys and have your very own wrestling team. They wont disappoint, and will keep you laughing at their antics