Royal Cuties

Baron (Adopted on 12/22/2023)


Age:  About 1 year
Gender:  1 male
Breed:  DSH


Lady and Baron are two sweet furballs with hearts as big as their purrs. As soon as you enter the room, their loud and content purring motors start revving, showing just how happy they are to have found a loving temporary home. Baron, the more outgoing of the two, absolutely adores head scratches. His eyes light up with delight as he basks in the attention, making him a true head-scratch enthusiast. His happy-go-lucky nature brings a smile to his foster's face. On the other paw, Lady is a bit more reserved when it comes to head scratches, but her curiosity and timid charm win her foster's heart. She may be a little shy at first, but she quickly warms up when you're lying down, eagerly approaching for pets and affection.

Both Lady and Baron have taken a liking to their cozy cat tree, where they can nap in comfort and keep an eye on the world outside. They've also discovered their new favorite "reality TV" show: the lively goings-on outside the window, providing endless entertainment. Lady and Baron are two delightful kittens who are sure to steal your heart with their purring, playfulness, and sweet personalities. We are so grateful to have them as part of our foster family, and we can't wait to see them find their forever homes, where they'll bring love and happiness to their lucky adopters.