A Special Bond

Sassafras (Adopted on 11/7/2023), Hanna (Adopted on 11/7/2023)



Age:  About 1 year, 10 months
Gender:  2 females
Breed:  DSH


Meet mother and daughter- Sassafras and Hanna! Sassafras is 6 pounds, all snuggles and playtime. She wants nothing more than to be close to her humans. She loves nose to nose cuddles and curling up on your chest. If your arms are occupied (holding Hanna) and you can't hold her, she will gently make use of your shoulders as a perch. She is protective of her baby, and calls to her whenever she leaves her sight. Sassafras is extremely social and outgoing. She has taught Hanna to be the same way. Both will greet you at the door and want as much attention as you can manage. Both have impeccable litter box habits. When they aren't climbing, chasing toys or wrestling with one another, they are curled up together taking a nap. These two have lots of kitten energy and love their toys! Sassafras is very gentle with her paws when playing and seems to be teaching Hanna the protocol there as well. These two will capture your heart in an instant!