Kuwait Crew

Cow (Adopted on 8/22/2023), Prince (Adopted on 10/8/2023), Baby T (Adopted on 8/29/2023), Drop (Adopted on 10/8/2023), Waddles (Adopted on 12/29/2023)



Baby T



Age:  About 1 year
Gender:  3 females and 2 males
Breed:  DSH


Soft as a cloud, Cow is the tiny ringleader of the group. This little dynamo comes quickly for pets and is always ready to play and explore. Prince is the lover of the group. He loves to be in your lap or sitting nearby, ready to roll onto his back for belly rubs. He is a natural hunter and loves to show off his 'prey'. Drop is cautious with new people but quickly becomes loving. He is still gaining confidence but actively asks for pets and joins in for playtime. Baby Tomasina is always demanding cuddles! She will seek out your lap and in general wants to be around you. She's also the climber of the group so be ready for a shoulder visitor! Waddles is the most shy but is gaining confidence every day! She loves the wand toy and waits patiently for her more assertive siblings to tire of it so she can have it all to herself.