The Simpsons

Bart (Adopted on 9/21/2023), Lisa (Adopted on 9/21/2023)



Age:  About 11 months
Gender:  1 female and 1 male
Breed:  DSH


Meet the Simpsons! Bart, Lisa and Maggie are three precocious and lovely kittens with unique and fun personalities. Maggie (grey tabby) is the wild child, loving and adventurous in equal measures and with a big personality! Lisa (brown tabby) has many opinions and is not afraid to share them with you! She loves to play and chat with you about her day. Bart (Tuxie) is the shyest of the three, he takes awhile to come out of his shell, though he's got a purr motor that rivals NASCAR! He looks to Lisa for guidance so we'd like to see them be adopted together.

Come meet these cuties and fall in love!