Dressed to Impress

Lil Swirl, Black Swirl (Adoption Pending), Tux, Tiger, Marble (Adopted on 9/10/2023)

Lil Swirl

Black Swirl




Age:  About 15 weeks
Gender:  2 females and 3 males
Breed:  DSH
Dog Friendly:  Unknown
Cat Friendly:  Yes
Kid Friendly:  Yes
Boarding Location: Foster Home


Please review HART's kitten adoption policy

Adopt of a pair of amazing kittens! Tux - The Dapper Cuddle Connoisseur: This dashing kitty is perpetually dressed in his suave tuxedo, and he's not afraid to show off his fashion-forward style while he snuggles up. Tux is a gentle soul who finds pure bliss in the company of his favorite human. Tiger - The Playful Charmer with a Heart of Gold: Tiger is a master of both snuggles and playtime. His cuddly nature is balanced by an endless love for his toys. Tiger is a super sweet boy who will crave your attention and steal your heart! Lil Swirl - The Tranquil Beauty: Grace and elegance define Lil Swirl, a petite darling with a marbled fur coat that's as enchanting as her personality. Perched atop her cat tree kingdom, she loves to watch the outside world. Lil Swirl is quiet and affectionate. Black Swirl - The Social Dynamo and Party Extraordinaire: For the life of the party, look no further than Black Swirl! This spirited girl is a bundle of charisma and enthusiasm. Her vibrant energy and sociable nature make her the center of attention wherever she goes. Marble - Majestic Playmate and Adventure Enthusiast: Marble, like Big Swirl, has a lot of energy and endless enthusiasm. Marble is the ideal playmate for both human friends and fellow kittens as likes to live life to the fullest He's ready to catch a toy, wrestle a feline friend, and then snuggle. These kittens are ready to weave their way into your heart. Apply to adopt a pair!

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