Etta - Adopted on 2/20/2024

Age:  About 1 year
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Lab Mix


Meet Etta! This lovely lady has a perpetual ear salute and the soundtrack to the Barbie movie playing in her head on repeat. Etta is friendly, fun, and oh so adorable. She is an extremely good natured dog that believes life is best lived with a smile on your face and boy can this girl smile. And what makes Etta smile the most? Playtime!! This girl loves to play! Happiness to Etta is a big ol basket of toys. She disembowels them, gnaws them, and throws them up in the air, and when she's done doing that she hits the dog puzzles with the gusto.

Etta is currently fostered with another dog, several cats, and small children. She's been nothing but gentle with the kids and believes it's her job to bathe them in kisses and nibble up any errant Cheerios. Needless to say, she's a strong contender for Employee of the Month. As for the cats and dog, Etta can be the stereotypical little sister begging for their attention and hoping that they'll indulge her in a game of Chase or Canasta. Etta's joie de vivre can be a bit much for the cats, so any future home with felines present should soberly assess where their cat falls on the playmonster scale and if it's high, well, you might have just made Etta's dreams come true.

If your New Year's resolutions had anything to do with improving your health and adding more joy into your life, Etta's the girl for you! In her you'll find a loving companion that'll have you racking up steps in no time!

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