Duffy and River

River (Adopted on 4/20/2024), Duffy (Adopted on 4/20/2024)



Age:  About 1 year
Gender:  1 female and 1 male
Breed:  DSH


Meet Duffy and River! This bonded brother and sister duo are sweet and fun-loving youngsters who love finding a spot in the sun or watching Cat TV as much as they enjoy chasing after a laser or playing with a cat toy. While they will curl up in chairs and on couches, they are pretty good at not climbing up on tables or countertops. They appreciate a good scratch post and generally enjoy being in the company of their humans, wanting nothing more than to give affection and receive it in return.

River: This dainty girl is the main biscuit-maker, and she loves to curl up on your chest or in your lap when you're on the couch. She's most vocal when she has a cat toy in her mouth because she loves to let you know that she's so happy with the toy you got her. She also isn't afraid to ask for pets or affection, adding the cutest tail quiver you've seen when she gets excited to see you.

Duffy: This beautiful-eyed boy is a fan of belly rubs and chasing his favorite laser toy (the more random, the better). While he sometimes puts on a chef's hat and makes biscuits, he really loves to play with his sister, and makes sure he can watch out for her by keeping an eye on her from an elevated perch or snuggling up next to her on a chair or on the couch. A fan of head rubs and ear scratches, he loves to find his humans and rub up against them to let them know it's time for a cuddle.