Lovey - Adopted on 9/13/2023

Age:  About 1 year
Gender:  Male
Breed:  DSH


Looking for a bundle of love, playfulness, and endless cuddles? Look no further than the Love Bunch, a paw-sitively delightful group of kittens who are ready to steal your heart and become your constant companions!

LoveMuffin - LoveMuffin is a little guy, but a big contender when it comes to snuggle time! With an adorable white stripe on his face, LoveMuffin is always nearby, making sure he's never too far from his foster mom. This tiny, mighty companion is ready to warm your heart.

LoveBug & Lovey - Double the fun, double the love! LoveBug and Lovey are the irresistible, dynamic tuxedo duo. These stunning twinsie boys are masters of the nose kiss and snuggle game. They're more than ready to leap into your lap and fill your life with feline love!

LoverGirl - While not originally part of the Love Bunch, LoverGirl slipped seamlessly into this group of love-seeking adventurers. From initially shy to the life of the party, you'll find this happy kitty rubbing against her foster mom's ankles, all while planning the next playful escapade with newfound friends.

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