Claude and Ray's Puppy Club

Malish (Adopted on 10/25/2023), Alyosha (Adopted on 9/30/2023), Yuri (Adopted on 9/29/2023), Caline (Adopted on 10/29/2023), Fantine (Adopted on 9/23/2023), Maksim (Adopted on 11/10/2023), Lilia (Adopted on 10/19/2023), Axeli (Adopted on 10/16/2023), Victor (Adopted on 10/14/2023), Nikita (Adopted on 10/28/2023)











Age:  About 1 year
Gender:  4 females and 6 males
Breed:  Australian Shepherd/Lab Mix


Be prepared to fall in love with these cuddly, sweet, smart and loving puppies. They are sure to steal your heart!

Malish is a very sweet pup! This little boy is calm, cuddly, and loves to be with people. Very affectionate puppy.

Like his brother, Maksim is calm, sweet, cuddly and loves to be with people. He is very smart. He is big, strong, and taller than the others, and loves to be in his foster mother's arm. Very devoted to his people.

Alyosha is adorable! Alyosha is very curious, and loves to explore. He is calm, brave and more independent but also very loving.

Yuri is very active and so curious about the world around him. He loves to play but loves to cuddle too. He is a playful cuddlebug!

Victor is a love bug. He yearns for affection and he also loves to play.

Little Caline is one of the smallest and most delicate of these puppies. She absolutely craves love ("caline" means "affectionate/cuddly" in French).

Tiny Fantine is the smallest and most delicate of these puppies. Like her sister, she loves affection and cuddling. She is very devoted to her people.

Lillia is independent, yet, very loving. She is a very smart and curious puppy.

Nikita is a love. He is very affectionate and loves to play but he is relatively calm. He is also independent and curious about the world around him.

Axeli is another very loving and cuddly pup. She likes to explore the world around her. And she loves to cuddle and play.