Lark - Adopted on 11/21/2023

Age:  About 7 months
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Hound/Spaniel Mix


These puppies' mom is a wonderfully loving dog who took care of all 8 of her puppies even when she was homeless and living outside. The mom is a hound/lab mix of medium weight and we suspect the dad might have been a spaniel/Catahoula mix. Whatever the mix, these pups have sweet dispositions and the softest fur. All of these puppies are very clean in their kennel and only go outside to go potty.

Falcon is a special puppy. He is so happy all the time! He loves to be with people. Whenever he sees you coming, he starts smiling! He has completely won us all over.

Puffin is a huggable, snuggly puppy who loves to curl up with his people. Puffin is a little shy at first but he warms up quickly. He loves being petted and seeks affection.

Like her name, Lark likes to sing. She is playful and loves getting attention. Sweet puppy!

Wren is a very good puppy and so sweet. She is playful and loves getting attention and affection.

Pigeon is a lovely pup. She is playful and loves getting attention and affection.

Penguin is doing great in his foster home. For a puppy he is very calm and mellow and oh so sweet. He loves to snuggle and gets along great with the foster's other dogs. He is housetrained (smart puppy!)

Kiwi is a PPP (pretty perfect puppy). She is lovable, and so sweet with the softest fur (like her siblings). She loves her fosters dogs and loves to play.