Sage ~n~ Sugar

Sage (Adopted on 1/8/2024), Sugar (Adopted on 1/8/2024)



Age:  About 1 year
Gender:  2 females
Breed:  DSH


These two gorgeous girls were rescued from a rural shelter and are sweet and gorgeous! Their markings and color patters are so striking. They were lucky to make it out of the shelter and into a loving foster home, and you can be the lucky one to adopt them! These two cuties are very sweet and loving. They have plenty of kitten energy and love to play and run. They love all kinds of toys, but really love to jump and catch their feather wand toys. They have the just right amount of energy to play and then settle down to nap. They will jump up and snuggle on the bed with you while you watch TV or read. Both girls are purr machines and are just affectionate love bugs that will make great companions. They are not picky eaters and both are litter boxed trained. Come check out these beautiful unique tortie girls! Apply now!