Sweetie - Adopted on 12/13/2023

Age:  About 5 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Schipperke/Chihuahua Mix


Sweetie is a quiet, low-maintenance girl who doesn't ask for much. She is skittish and needs time and space while she adjusts to new places and people. She seems house trained and does fine sleeping in a crate or dog bed at night. She isn't a chewer and hasn't gotten into anything. She is fine with the other dog in the home and doesn't pay any attention to him.

Sweetie follows her person around the house and takes treats gently. She isn't ready for petting yet but has requested and enjoyed some butt scratches. She likes going outside and rubbing her back on the carpet and will stand on her hind legs when she is excited. She's a great little dog who just needs a quiet, patient home with people that will take things slow with her.