Bolt - Adopted on 12/23/2023

Age:  10 months
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Shepherd Mix


This is what we can tell you about these pups: They are fantastic! The couple who fostered their mother, Raine, said of her that she was nicest, calmest, sweetest, and kindest dog they ever met!! And they have met a lot of dogs. It looks like these darling puppies are following in their mom's footsteps. They are very well behaved.

Here is what the puppy's foster parents say about these terrific pups: " They are a bit shy at first but crave attention. You can turn them over on their backs and rub their bellies and they'll just lay there enjoying affection. This morning I did that so I could trim their nails. Not a peep out of either one of them. Amazing. They are quite wiggly when you try to pick them up until you can get them in position for a good hug. They love to play with each other and our other dogs. They are doing great with their house training too. Most of the time they wait until they get outside. Very impressive for young puppies.

Each one of them is very special. Gale is the smallest, Stormy is the most independent, Drizzle is the quickest to warm up to people, the natural socialite.