Biscuit G

Age:  10 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Chihuahua Mix
Size:  19 lbs
Dog Friendly:  Yes
Cat Friendly:  Unknown
Kid Friendly:  Unknown


Biscuit's foster shared this about him: "He is totally house trained. He goes to the door and whines if he wants to go potty. He also does not chew on anything or act aggressively with my three small older dogs. I leave him loose in the house when I need to leave for a few hours, and everything is fine when I return home. He will howl and whine for a few minutes if you leave him alone in a room and he can't follow you. He likes to sit in your lap or in a dog bed during the day. At night, he wants to sleep in your bed. You have to lift him on and off of the bed, he is overweight, and he needs assistance. He does not like crates. He loves to go on walks, and he wags his tail and does not bark if he sees another person walking their dog. He has a great personality, and he will suddenly do zoomies around the house and play with a soft dog toy, but that only lasts for a minute. It is very comical when it happens. I think he would do best in a home where someone is home for most of the day. He rides well in a car. Biscuit is in the process of losing weight. He is looking for someone in need of a chunky BFF."

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