Tiger Lilly the Sweet

Age:  Roughly 16 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Boston Terrier/Cattle Dog Mix
Size:  40 lbs
Dog Friendly:  With smaller dogs
Cat Friendly:  No
Kid Friendly:  No


This little cougar LOVES belly rubs. Tiger can't get enough of 'em, however she will only take them from those that she adores. To be considered "chosen", Tig would prefer a more experienced leader type person who understands the ways and language of the canine. As an older gal, she knows exactly what she wants... During playtime Tiger is quite feisty and prefers the polite company of people (please no children) over "mangy mutts". If, however, she must be asked to engage with other dogs, she would prefer the smaller, docile types over the loud, reckless goliaths (of course, it is easier to be civil with someone when they are of a tinier stature). Tiger is also proud to be a lady of her word and may find it necessary to rightfully protect what is hers, whether that is food, space, or another pack member. At times she can also be a little shy or frightened of certain situations (who isn't?) and may become someone she is usually not. Tiger's person will need to be patient with her as she regains her composure. This classically trained lass will be nothing but a joy to your home should you be "chosen" by Tiger. Loving you adoringly will be this girl's finest quality. Please come out and spend an afternoon with Tiger Lilly and see how gracious she can be. On her behalf, I thank you.

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