Jackie - adopted - Adopted on 5/14/2011

Age:  About 17 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Dachshund


Jackie is an AKC registered, purebred dachshund of 18lbs. She loves to eat, expects to be adored, and is a quick-thinking, independent thinker. She follows your rules, but has no problem inventing her own. Her absolute love is a pillow on the main couch, where she spends hours sleeping, thinking and plotting her next adventure. She sleeps on her side, just like a human, sometimes with one eye open. She gets along with all the other dogs after the initial getting-to-know-you period. True to her breed, she can be possessive of you, but if properly corrected, totally drops that act. She is a little Houdini, no doubt, but the saving grace is that she doesn't chew through her harnesses, like most other breed mates do. And, she gets an A+ for ignoring all manner of cats and squirrels. When you meet her in person, she will immediately attempt to climb into your lap, be you a child or an adult. This girl recently lost the only family she ever knew to tragedy, so now she keeps licking people's faces in hopes that it'll reveal the one she'll keep forever. Are you the one?