Mison - Adopted on 4/7/2018

Age:  Roughly 11 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Terrier Mix


It goes without saying: Mison is super cute. What makes him different from the other dogs is that he is more like a cat in the way that he gets to know others. He needs to be the one who reaches out first. Otherwise, probably, from some previous trauma, he tends to act insecure and tense. In that he has more in common with a regular Shih Tzu breed than a terrier mix that he is. But, once he knows and trusts you, you'll never find a better Velcro dog. He'll follow you like a shadow around the house, and even refuse to walk through a door until you did, and when he asks for a treat, politely, of course, he'll take it slowly and gingerly out of your hand. Not a fan of sudden movements, he was determined not to be the best fit for families with kids. He does great with cats, cleverly ignoring them or avoiding them altogether. He'll probably make a great sole pet, since then he'll have you all to himself! He is crate trained, but is not a fan of confined spaces, preferring to roam the house or sprawl on the couch instead. He came to us from a hoarder in Florida, so he is still adjusting to the real world where people actually care and spend time with him. HART doesn't know what breed mix he is, but his coat is rough to the touch and he looks adorable from any side, especially in photographs. Come meet our smart and affectionate, white charmer in person!

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