Age:  About 9 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Great Pyrenees/Lab Mix
Size:  80 lbs
Dog Friendly:  Large dogs only
Cat Friendly:  Probably not
Kid Friendly:  Older children


Saba is a happy, well-mannered girl. She can also be playful and excited when she is with like-minded dogs. Saba has a strong prey drive and does not do well with smaller dogs.I would be careful about her with little kids, but have few reservations about her otherwise. There are few dogs who look as regal as Saba when she walks next to her person.

Saba would love to be adopted with her boy toy, Whiskey. They make a great pair and love to play with each other. :)

This dog is sponsored by: Anonymous, in member of Sasha (RIP 2004-2019, adopted from HART in 2009)

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