Chilly - Adopted on 7/29/2018

Age:  5 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Persian


Don't let his face fool you: Chilly is one happy cat! This gorgeous purebred Persian is incredibly affectionate, sweet, and loving. He has a big personality and he will "tap" you to signal you to pat him, or if he wants more attention. He is also playful and he enjoys playing with string and cat teaser toys as well as playing in his pop-up tunnel. He will cuddle with you anytime, and sleep with you at night if you want him to! Like most Persians, Chilly needs daily maintenance for his eyes and luxurious fur. He appreciates being brushed and having his eyes cleaned, so he makes it very easy! Due to some anxiety, Chilly needs a family who is home frequently to spend a lot of time with him. (**feline hyperesthesia, stomach issues-food allergies and can only eat one type of food??)

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