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Lola's Page


Lola is a sweet Olde English Bulldogge who desperately needed HART's help. Lola had something wrong with her hind end and was scooting around like a seal. Lola has had the problem for some time but her previous owners declined to do any diagnostic testing to see what was wrong. Even though the owner breeds other dogs, he claims Lola never had a litter. Based on a vet's observations, it is more likely that she did.

Because of Lola's condition, she was turned away by many other rescues, but not by HART. There was no hesitation when they learned about her. She was taken in and brought to a vet to get the care she needed. It turns out that Lola has hip dysplasia, bilateral luxating patellas and a torn ACL. Lola immediately had the surgery she needed on both knees. It is hopeful that her hips can be managed with proper weight management but that is yet to be determined. If not, she could face another surgery in the future. Lola is just starting her 12 week recovery period from surgery.

Lola's medical expenses to date are over $3,500. HART can only continue to take in cases like Lola with your help. Please consider sponsoring Lola to help pay for her surgery! Remember, your donation is tax deductable. We'll keep you posted on Lola's progress here.

Update 10/11/09: Lola is recovering nicely from her surgery and will be available for adoption very soon. Lola's days of scooting around like a seal are over. While she will be on low activity for a few more weeks, it is hard to keep her still. She is jumping around and wants to run and play so bad. Just a few more weeks, Lola! Lola is enjoying long walks without having to sit and her real personality is coming out. Lola will have X-rays later this week just to check on things but based on her activity, things are healing like they should. As far as Lola's hips -- they do not seem to bother her at all and hopefully with proper weight management she will be fine.

Update 10/19/09: Lola is now available for adoption! Click here for more information!

Update 11/6/09: Lola thanks everyone for their generous support! She has been adopted by a wonderful family who absolutely adore her and will give her the life that every dog deserves. Lola is one of the lucky ones -- first to have been helped by HART, and second to have found such a good home.



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