Gathering Silent Auction Items

Every year there are three HART fundraisers that involve gathering items to raise money: the silent auction at the Holiday Party in the early winter, the silent auction at the spring Art Auction, and the HART yard sale.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to keep your eyes open year-round for items and solicitation ideas for the silent auctions. The wonderful HART volunteers who originated the Holiday Party routinely picked up items during the summer so that there would not be a big rush near the end. They would find interesting things on vacation or at end-of-summer clearance sales or estate sales. Establishing this mindset among all of us will take a LOT of pressure off the solicitation efforts for both the fall and the spring.

This benefits all of the above-mentioned HART fundraisers. For example, if we find that some items donated for the silent auction are slightly damaged or otherwise unacceptable for the auction, we set these aside for the HART yard sale in the spring. Or someone might donate a fabulous item for the Holiday Party that would bring much more money if it were used for the Art Auction event. For each item donated, we ask, “In which venue will this item raise the most money for HART?”

Will you please help HART by thinking “fundraising item” all during the year? Contact the HART Office.

Thank you!!!


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