Z Force

Zekki Z (Adopted on 4/21/2019), Zurrie Z (Adopted on 4/20/2019), Zena Z (Adopted on 3/23/2019)

Zekki Z

Zurrie Z

Zena Z

Age:  7 months
Gender:  2 females and 1 male
Breed:  Lab Mix


These are the cutest, sweetest, most well socialized puppies! Raised in foster care (with their Mom Zowie), these puppies got to start life off right. They seem to be having a little trouble finding their forever homes, which we don't understand at all, because their very experienced foster family thinks they are perfect! They are close to housebroken, are crate trained, have learned "sit" and have been practicing leash walking and basic commands. All 3 have jovial, delightful personalities, are calm (well, Zekki is not that calm), cooperative, and eager to please. They have the most darling faces (and for the boys, what looks like a lot of eyeliner!) Further bonus, soft fur and long-ish velvety ears! Their mother is probably a lab mix, and we have been flummoxed as to what kind of dog their daddy might be. All get along well with children and other dogs and are respectful of the older adult dogs in their foster home. As young puppies, they will need homes where someone is home a lot to provide the exercise, training, and activity puppies need to grow into fabulous dog citizens. Please come meet them, have a snuggle, and give us a guess as to whom their daddy might be!

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